Dec 10, 2005

tired, mad, and resigned to living in a red state

If one more person uses the insupportable-by-no-actual-facts "forcing their lifestyle upon me" argument, I might move to Florida just so I can shoot first at any SUVs sporting homophobic bumper stickers. (But Officer, their big bad righteous indignation scared the hell out of me...)

Hey, what if I'M offended when I'm "forced" to witness things I don't agree with? Oh wait, that's right. I simply choose not to see those movies/attend those churches/live in those suburbs. Now, if I were curious about those lifestyles, I might want to do something daring like...see a movie about them? But what if my friends/church members/neighbors caught me standing on line for THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING SUBURBS (gasp!)?

Hmmmm, think. Think. Think. I know. I'll jump up and down and rant and rave a lot over here on this board/editorial page/church pew so they won't notice me sneaking to the next county to satisfy my curiosity.


Our country, my dear friends, is peopled with bigoted homophobic idiots and I'm afraid they're winning the population war. (You know, on account of their all encompassing love for all those innocent fetuses right up until the moment they're actually born to their overwhelmed for whatever reason mothers. Then it's adios, darling saved fetus, I've got a salon appointment/bible study/seedy assignation in ten. Don't do anything stupid like be hungry/want an education/need health care that would suck up the few taxes I can't avoid paying. Best of luck! Choose Life!)

Um, sorry, I cross-pollinated my issues there. Here endeth the rant.

For those of you who can stomach the ungodly idea of a soul-bruising love shared between two men (ow, my eyes! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), this was one of the best short stories I've ever read. If all the pre-release hulabaloo regarding acting, cinematography, etc is true, I can't wait.

Though I'm forced to put a huge disclaimer on it for K so A can't call to ask why I made his wife cry: on the mirth-free scale,
this falls only slightly below 'Breaking the Waves'. You've been warned.

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