Aug 10, 2008

"You have to get a perm. All the Brady men have perms."

Here's the story...of my mother and an almost forgettable sitcom that aired for approximately five minutes in 1988.

I say almost due to the aberrantly funny "A Very Brady Episode." YouTube is letting me down but trust me when I tell you those 22 minutes were COMEDY GOLD, BABY, dropped into the middle of an otherwise mediocre series. I won't recap it here because 1) there's a wiki and 2) a memory is never all that funny unless it's yours. Or the person's you share it with. I know if I called my mother right now and asked for her Top Five TV laughs, this would be on the list. (Followed closely by Jennifer learning to drive on 'Family Ties'.) Now, years after weaning my mother from her tendency to record shows at whatever point on whichever tape she touched first (which resulted in our equipping her with a succession of tapes clearly labelled "MOM'S FRENZY")--I'd pay good money to find her tape with this episode stuck in the middle.

What's a videotape, you ask?

Picture this: it's a long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, and if you want to go crazy and watch a show other than the time it's airing, your only option is a rudimentary machine called a 'VCR' that requires something called a 'videotape'. These machines demand work! Tapes must be inserted. Buttons must be pushed. Clocks must be set. (And later, we'll walk six miles to school. Uphill. Barefoot. In the snow. Yeah, we know we're badass - deal with it.)

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