Oct 3, 2008

You're darn right I have an opinion about the VP office!

After watching only as much as I could stand last night (all 10 minutes of it--thank god for transcripts), I have one (among many, but I'll spare you) comment about Winky McWinkerson's role in this campaign: if I hear her touted (or self-identifying) as a "regular American" just one more time, I may lose my mind.

YMMV, but I don't believe being a "regular American" qualifies you to hold the second (arguable, but roll with me here) most powerful office in our government. I want someone positively scary smart in there, someone with a history of travel and marked interest in global affairs, someone who is well-versed in social and political movements outside of her home state.

1 comment:

  1. Ms. McWinkerson proved the Couric and Gibson interviews may have been somewhat of an aberration -- she does, in fact, have the ability to record tapes of talking points and to replay them at will. Studying her blinking and unblinking repose -- she looked me square in the eye for most of her answers -- I concluded that not a single second was improvised. Not even the doggone its. It was as if she were an android, and in the past couple of weeks, the technicians had repaired some of the internal logic that enabled her to playback the associated response to a prompting keyword. If the responses didn't make complete sense (see today's NY Times editorial), well, we have to perfect artificial intelligence.

    The extent to which she "connected" with voters and drove undecideds back to the McCain column remains to be seen. Above all else, this election will define the kind of country we've become.