Nov 17, 2008

"I was beginning to think you had no sense of self-preservation at all."

- The new Malcom Gladwell is out. Buy it now and avoid the line at the airport bookstore before your next flight.

- R.I.P., TRL. Raise your hand if you were even aware MTV still promoted enough music to warrant a eugoogooly (TM Zoolander) for it.

- And speaking of JT, marvel at his proof that your average SNL episode is exactly 88 minutes too long.

- Slate asks if it's possible to be a gay Mormon. The gay press asks "what if you held a Sundance and nobody showed?"

- My Physicist Boyfriend wants to know what makes time tick. Dude, my stoner college roommates solved this one EONS ago.

- Citibank, you are officially on notice. Go stand over there, behind Bank of America and (The Hellhole Known As) Chase.

- You didn't really think that this week's movie release would be the end of vampire news, did you?

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