Nov 19, 2008

They are always the first person in a room to take their shirt off.

- They served at the pleasure of the President. Vanity Fair reunites past presidential cabinets. And here's some breaking news for future presidential cabinets of the Republican persuasion: God doesn't want the job.

- In other cool photo news, Google is now archiving photos from Life magazine. Be very careful: I'm losing HOURS in there.

- I ask you, in what world should the words 'Rob Lowe' and 'high level Chinese government officials' ever appear in the same sentence?

- From the Whodathunkit Dept, Local Chapter 654: Chambliss is using Obama as a weapon. The NRA approves.

- Good news: scientists have found the pygmy tarsiers they misplaced in the 1920s. In related news: scientists promise to always check their pockets when sending out their dry cleaning from now on.

- Office of Duh!, Musical Division: Rappers can't sing and drummers dream of never-ending solos. Consider my world view rocked.

- Magnets in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace, coming soon to a multiplex near you. As a double feature with the Flintstones documentary, perhaps?.

- See? I TOLD y'all he was pretty.

- Catherine Hardwicke talks sparkles and dishes on The Pretty. Tired of all the damn vampires? Have some werewolves instead.

- And finally, the President-elect agrees with my assessment of youth fashion. Go us.

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