Mar 11, 2009

- Golly gee, kids! It turns out sci-fi has made significant contributions to our language through word-building. I totally frakking agree.

- In more geek news, Paste tries to bring an audience to the BSG series finale next week. I'm guessing if he hasn't yet, Your Average Viewer is not going to sign up at the end. Sigh. I'll be over in the corner crying into my Sagittaron Sling.

- From the Dept. of Relating a Little Too Much, Though Without the Crazy Eye and Forehead Staples: Sam Raimi Shows How The Recession Is Hitting Old Gypsies

- Google is on to you publicly now. And there is no escape.

- Best open caption winner of the week: Why Don't You Kids Go Take a Stroll Around the Publicity. I Mean Neighborhood.

- More news from the Sparkle Desk: my dog is also a front runner for the Eclipse director slot, even though Drew's hair shows the obvious horror chops.

- Speaking of my dog, note to self: No. More. Retractable. Leashes.

- US News says half of America is TWO paychecks away from economic disaster. Lucky bastards.

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  1. I can't believe BSG is ending in less than a week. I seriously don't know what my life will be without it. Kyle XY is cancelled and there is no episode left, I guess I'll have to wait for the new BSG Spin-off, "Caprica". Until then it's going to be a pretty depressing month.