Apr 21, 2009

Plate o' shrimp.

- It's Jane's Addiction vs...Jane's Addiction. "Truly, if Trent Reznor is the guy doing your intervention, you know you've got some serious problems."

- The Observer hopes you're not going back to NASCAR this weekend.
He finds it even more boring in person than it is on TV.

- From the Musical Nostalgia Desk: X is taking requests for this year's tour playlists. (I somehow doubt being forced to play "Breathless" every night will make them any less cranky this time around, but I applaud the effort.) / "These go to eleven." / Watch out, Geithner: The Economist Formerly Known as Prince wants your job.

- From the You Knew It Was a Bad Idea at the Time But You Did It Anyway Desk: How do you get a drummer off your doorstep? Pay for the pizza. The Nashville Scene debunks the fun (cough Cough COUGH) of dating a musician. Perhaps this is where a selective memory wipe would really come in handy, eh?

- Let's go get sushi and not pay for it to celebrate the coolest news of the year: Repo Chick.

- Malls are dying. (The ones without Hot Topic stores, that is.)

- Speaking of Sparkle news (oh, shut up): SMeyer was responsible for 16% of all books sold in Q1. That's one author, 16% percent of ALL books, people. It ain't just tweens and their moms anymore. / Breaking Dawn on film? Not so fast, Sparkleson.

- ALERT ALERT ALERT - Hulu may show up on iPhones; expect all productivity to decline accordingly.

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