Apr 25, 2009

"What did you expect? Coffins and dungeons and moats? "

While visiting with my mother tonight, we're scrolling through the pay-per-view menu and before I can even comment on my choice, she flatly states, "No, we are not watching Twilight."

Fully aware of her low (read: non-existent) tolerance for cinematic blood and guts, I attempt to explain that it's not an actual vampire movie.

Before I can even get to the sparkly lulz, she cuts me off.

"It is too a vampire movie. I saw the promo where the girlfriend says 'I know what you are.' Then the vampire says 'Say it. Say it.'"

(Sadly, I have no video of the above so you, too, could enjoy the full range of her facial expressions.)

"Then some friend of his doesn't like her and says 'Thank you for bringing dessert.' "

Take a breather, Denby. Rest in peace, Siskel. My mom is on the case.

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