Jan 7, 2013

feel the sky blanket you with gems & rhinestones

Night sky by Just Peachy!
Night sky, a photo by Just Peachy! on Flickr.

feel the air up above
oh, pool of blue sky
fill the air up with love
all black with starlight
feel the sky blanket you
with gems and rhinestones
see the path cut by the moon
for you to walk on

But they failed to include The Rolling Stones in the control group...

When asked about their favorite band from a decade ago, respondents were typically willing to shell out $80 to attend a concert of the band today. But when they were asked about their current favorite band and how much they would be willing to spend to see the band’s concert in 10 years, the price went up to $129. Even though they realized that favorites from a decade ago like Creed or the Dixie Chicks have lost some of their luster, they apparently expect Coldplay and Rihanna to blaze on forever.
Why You Won’t Be the Person You Expect to Be | New York Times