Jun 29, 2015

It's time to play "Guess Who Said That?" [SFX: 60s game show theme]

"When Congress passes a law that hurts people, that violates the Constitution, it crosses the street. And we have for centuries been able to count on the Supreme Court to stand up and defend the Constitutional rights of every American."


Why, it was none other than Ramblin' Ted Cruz, speaking on the SCOTUS steps after they'd voted in alignment with his views in the Hobby Lobby case.

Yet he called the very same court 'naked, shameless, and lawless judicial activists' when they defended the Constitutional rights of every American last week, instead of just the ones that he approves of.

Compared to the rest of the Republican clown car, this man should scare the pants off of us, y'all. Imagine you're a closed-minded Evangelical who's afraid of everything and everyone...and tell me you wouldn't find comfort in him.

Whew, thank you, yes. I do feel much better.

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